Validus RiskView

Validus RiskView, our core, proprietary technology system, consists of several workflow modules that can be assembled to provide an end-user platform that is individually customised to each client.

This robust platform provides key personnel, management, and stakeholders with transparent and intuitive information, allowing them to actively monitor their hedging programme and ensure this remains in line with their risk management policy. The automated components of the platform reduce time intensive and laborious manual processes whilst significantly reducing risk of human error.

Validus RiskView is maintained by our in-house staff, further reducing the strain on internal client resources. The service includes dedicated relationship managers that ensure the client can always speak to a human counterpart if there are any issues, or if any further customisation is needed.

Customised Technology

With deep industry knowledge and a dedicated in-house development team we are able to custom build technology solutions for our clients, typically related to fund analytics. We have delivered bespoke projects to some of the largest private debt managers worldwide, including an interactive platform providing ongoing projections of fund returns, as well as a customised technology solution for calculating market valuations of underlying loans and providing regular performance reports.