Currency Risk in Emerging Markets

Validus participated in a special project launched by Sarona Asset Management in collaboration with EMPEA, Crystalus Inc., and USAID. The purpose was to develop currency risk management processes and tools in Emerging Markets to attract more private capital to those regions. Validus’ approach was selected as the most feasible and advanced to the ‘Pilot’ stage.

Risk in Private Debt

A Risk Management Framework for Private Debt Investors
By Kevin Lester and Francois Scheepers, Validus Risk Management

Chapter 19 from `New Strategies for Risk Management in Private Equity’
Published by Private Equity International in May 2014

Private Debt Investor Roundtable

PDI gathered four experts to discuss the UK’s role in the development of private debt in the wider European region. Kevin Lester and Haakon Blakstad from Validus joined Nick Fenn from Beechbrook and Anthony Shayle from UBS.