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17th November 2014
Is this the most important chart in the world?

“The chart of the US dollar is by far and away the most important chart on earth.  If we break the trend line we will be entering potentially one of the biggest dollar bull markets in decades, if not ever.  This would be the biggest technical break in the history of fiat currencies.  Considering the dollar is the world’s funding currency this has the ability to create havoc on the unprecedented $ 5 trillion carry trade – with China at the epicentre.”


Raoul Pal, The Global Macro Investor

Former co-manager of GLG Global Macro Fund 

October 2014



Chart I: The USD Index (trade-weighted) 1971 – present…




The USD dollar has been trending lower since the mid-1980s.  In fact, against a trade-weighted basket of currencies, the USD is worth less than 60% of what it was worth at its peak, which occurred almost exactly...

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6th November 2014
Our Inaugural ‘Alpha & Ammo’ Shooting Event


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4th November 2014
Third time lucky?

The US Federal Reserve ended its quantitative easing programme last week, after six years, three ‘rounds’, and almost four trillion dollars. So is this really the end of quantitative easing, and what could this mean for the FX market?


The number three has long been considered special. According to Pythagoras, it is the most distinguished of all the numbers, as it is the only number equal to the sum of all of the digits which precede it. Many major world religions, including Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism all contain triple deities, or concepts of trinity, and the Chinese culture considers the number three to be a ‘good number’, because it sounds like the world ‘alive’.


After concluding the third round of quantitative easing last week, there is no doubt many at the Federal Reserve who are fervently hoping that the number three turns out to be a lucky number...

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 “Validus developed a tailored hedging solution to mitigate the risks from our unique combination of existing supplier agreements. The implementation and management of this rolling hedging programme with our FX service providers has been expertly and efficiently handled”.  


Mark Goldby, Finance Director, SMS Electronics Ltd.