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    An integrated approach to managing financial risk


Foreign exchange volatility
can impact an organisation ...

Interest Rates

The effective management
of interest rate risk requires...


The volatility of commodity prices can have a material impac...

Financial Risk Management

Validus Risk Management is an independent market risk advisory firm specialising in the management of currency, interest rate and commodity price risk.


We work with alternative investment funds, their investors and portfolio companies to design and implement strategies and processes to measure, manage and monitor financial risk, using a market-tested combination of specialist consulting services and innovative risk technology.

Our systematic financial risk management methodology has been designed to increase risk transparency, create customised risk management solutions, and facilitate the efficient execution of hedging transactions by minimising information asymmetry between clients and banking counterparties.



There are three components to our core service offering:




The Validus Risk Management advisory service gives our clients access to the latest risk management technology and independent expertise at a fraction of the cost of an in-house financial risk management function. We work with corporate and private equity clients across the globe, from SMEs to multinational corporations and financial institutions, and we advise on over  $90 billion in hedging transactions annually.


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